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Auspicious/Inauspicious Hair cutting days
 The following days are based on Tibetan Calendar, not Lunar Calendar.  1.  Life is shortened 2. Diseases 3. Wealth is increased 4. Radiance is augmented 5. Acquisition of great wealth 6. Radiance disappears 7. Entanglement in trials, legal pro...

Snow Crystal
 Snow Crystal Snow crystals are located in the mountainous areas of the Himalayas, which are often about 18,000 to 23,000 feet high. It is mostly white, which symbolizes inner peace, but there are some streaks of red or pink that are the result of magma. It is believed...

 TONGLEN -a Tibetan Buddhist technique to release the transformative power of compassion  Tonglen is a technique used in Tibetan Buddhism for transforming negative energy into compassion. This is not so much a meditation technique, though it can be used as part of a ...

Zambala Purifying Earth products (Eco-Hitech)
  Zambala Purifying Earth products Detergent Revolution:  ...

Guru Padmasambhava
Guru Padmasambhava @ Guru Rinpoche @ Ugen Rinpoche @ Ugen Padma Jungney @ Guru Lophen Rinpoche , the 'Most Precious Master', is the founder of 'Secret Mantrayana' (Vajrayana) Buddhism and the Buddha of our time. 'I am present in front of anyone who has faith in me, Jus...

Tibetan Aromatherapy Incense
 Why choose our incense? The purpose of offering burning incense is to cleanse sentient beings of all defilements. When making an incense offering to sentient beings of the six realms all their obscurations are purified and they will attain liberation from suffering. The ...

Crystal Stupa
  8 Crystal Stupa of Sakaymuni 1.Stupa of Heaped Lotus ...

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How to Determine your Ring Size
  The best way to determine your ring size is to try out a few different rings and decide which one fits you best. However, that is not always possible and after all this is the internet. dziTibet uses standard American ring sizing and most rings we carry have sizes ranging...

2013 Product Catalog
Product catalog is for reference only. The actual sales situation is still subject to store sales. Zangbala Buddhist Heritage Center reserves the right to make the final decision

Identifying Your Patron Deity According To The 12 Astrological Animals
 十二生肖所對應的八位守護佛  Identifying Your Patron Deity  According To The 12 Astrological Animals  

How to use 2 or 4 hour incense coil.... (video)

how to use 24hour incense coil burner (video)

How tp use stick incense (video)

  Benefits Of Using Saffron Depression Saffron, when taken correctly, is effective at treating mild to moderate depression. It has been proven to be just as effective as some popular prescription medications for depression that is commonly prescribed by doctors to their...

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