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Thangtong Gyalpo Iron Phurpa Dorjee
Thangtong Gyalpo Iron Phurpa Dorjee
Thangtong Gyalpo Phurpa Dorjee

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 17 cm



Emanation of Avalokitesavara, the Buddha of compassion and of Padmasmbhava , the disciple of Buddha who brought Buddhism to Tebet.


Thangtong Gyalpo was incarnation of the illustrious Dolpopa Sherab Gyaltsen (1292-1361), a leading Jonangpa master and formulator of the shentong view of emptiness. He is said to have built 58 iron chain suspension bridges around  Tibet and Bhutan, several of which are still in use today.


Thangtong Gyalpo was born at Olpa Lhartse in upper Tsang in 1361, Ge us well known for his founding of Ache Lhamo. The Tibetan opera, and the numerous iron suspension bridges he built to ease travel and pilgrimage though the Himalayas border. Lron chain suspension bridges, about 65km from Lhasa, at Tsangpo, still existed in 1948.


After arriving in Bhutan in 1433 he built 8 iron bridges in different parts of the country. One of the bridge he erected a bridge across the Paro Chhu to Tachog. The successors of the first Chakzampa built  a Lhakhang(temple) here. In 1969, the iron suspension bridge was destroyed by high water. The chains were partly rescued and kept in the attic of the shed behind the Lhakang. To ensure the access to the Tachong Lhakhang  across the swift moving Paro Chhu. As per the royal wish of His Majesty King Jigme Singye Wangchuck in 2005 the cable rope suspension bridge again substituted with an iron chain bridge.

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