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Guru Padmasambhava GC & painted
Guru Padmasambhava GC & painted

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Product Introduction

Material: Nepal hand-forged copper body gilt inlaid with exquisite workmanship

Size: 40 cm (approximate size)

Narrative :

Nepal pure hand-forged copper body gilt Buddha statue. Fine workmanship and majestic appearance

The whole body line is very three-dimensional and the color of the whole body line is very bright. This statue is one of my favorite Buddha statues in the editor.

Padmasambhava, a native of Uzhana (now Swat), is a famous Buddhist monk.


Later, Indra Bodhi, the king of Uzhana in West Tianzhu, discovered his birth in a water lotus named Guo Xiaohai, took him back and raised him as a prince, and then became the king of the country. Afterwards, Vajra Buddha appeared in the void and told him: "You are the leader of the religion, not a political king." He was abdicated and became a monk. He was a teacher of Venerable Ananda, and he was instructed by Buddha Sakyamuni to pass on the secret law. He is a master of history and is proficient in Wuming, astronomy, and geomancy. And get meditation, receive the five heart-transmitted Dafa of the supreme esoteric.

According to his biography, Guru Rinpoche was invited by the Tibetan king Trisong Detsen and Jihu to set off from India to Tibet to promote Buddhism in about 750. He defeated the local native ghosts and gods and wizards of the Bon religion with magical powers, and founded the earliest Tibetan temple—— Samye Monastery. To enable Tibetans to convert to orthodox Buddhism. And seven people including Duba Sai Nang became monks. Since these seven people were the first monks to become lamas in the history of Tibet, they are called the seven people in the preliminary test in history. In order to commemorate the establishment of Tibetan Buddhism, together with Jihu and Chisong Dezan, they are collectively called the three masters. After he succeeded in preaching in Tibet, he continued to roam around without knowing where he ended up. "Ba Xie" is one of the earliest historical documents recording Padmasambhava's entry into Tibet, and it is cited by many historical books such as "Buton Buddhism History", "Sage Wedding Banquet", "Tibetan King Tong Ji", "Tibetan Wang Chen Ji" and many other historical books.

According to legend, he lived in Wujin Temple. He once went to Paro, Bhutan to preach and built the Tiger Cave Temple. Its footprints are all over Pakistan and Bhutan.