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Vajra Yogini GP & panited
Vajra Yogini GP & panited

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Product Introduction

Material   : Nepal Handcrafted Copper Body. Mine Painted

Size         : 23 cm (approximate size)

Narrative :

Handcrafted in Nepal Series Bronze Body Painted

This Buddha statue is completely different from the series of gold-plated Buddha statues mass-produced by general mainland factories

To put it simply, it is a factory that directly imitates this Buddha statue carved and manufactured.

However, the exquisiteness of handwork is by no means ordinary, and the production line of the factory can be compared.

Since there is only one Buddha statue, if you need to make offerings, please call to inquire about the stock status, thank you

All the teachings of Vajrayogini (also known as Nalo Dakini. Kacho Buddha Mother) and the second practice are derived from the Buddha Vajradhara. At that time, the Buddha now preached "The Root of Victory and Joy" for the image of the deity Heruka. In this continuation, the practice of Vajrayogini was revealed for the first time. Now there are three kinds of lineages that are widely circulated: Naruo Kongxing and Mizhekong. Line and Enza Kong line.

Vajrayogini’s first generation of patriarchs was the Vajra Dharma, followed by Vajrayogini and Naropa. Although there were many disciples, including disciples like Marpa in Tibet, they did not pass on this method to others. They, but only secretly passed on to the Pantangwa (Pangtingba) brothers. Later, it was passed on to the auspicious Sakya sect, and became the "golden method" of Sakya not going out of the temple wall.

Master Tsongkhapa had studied various schools at that time, and learned this method in the Sakya School. It is said that Vajrayogini is the secret deity of Master Tsongkhapa. Later, Vajrayogini spread the practice in the Gelug Sect and became one of the important deities of the Gelug Sect. Master Pabongka, a famous eminent monk in modern Tibet, once saw Vajrayogini in person, and received a prophecy: all seven generations of disciples from the master can receive the unique blessings of Vajrayogini. Therefore, there are quite a lot of people at home and abroad who study this book.