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8~10mm Tiantie Buddhist beads 108 beads
8~10mm Tiantie Buddhist beads 108 beads
Sku#:536-Tiantie Buddhist beads

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Product Introduction

 Material: Tiantie


Size: Buddha beads 108 beads. Size about 8~9mm




Tiantie is also called "nickel-iron meteorite". Its main components are nickel and iron, which contains up to 90% iron. Therefore, you must pay attention to avoid rust when wearing it.


Tiantie is a meteorite with extremely strong energy, so it is widely used in ornaments and ornaments to ward off evil spirits and attract wealth. The characteristic of its stone is that after cutting the raw ore, you can clearly see many interlaced 60 and 120 degree angles. The natural cross-angle pattern cannot be eliminated even after polishing. This 60/120-degree cross-angle pattern is called the "Wiedemann cross-angle pattern".

The thicker texture is mainly iron, and the fine texture is nickel. The unique pattern formed after cooling when the meteorite is naturally formed is not carved with a knife or artificially created; and this special angular pattern is not created in the laboratory. It can be produced by artificial experiments in the same proportions as meteorites, because the special intersection phenomenon of Tiantie is a naturally produced pattern of nickel and iron in a slow cooling environment. This process is speculated to be the re-creation of iron and nickel. When the temperature drops from 900 degrees Celsius to 600 degrees Celsius, it will naturally form at a slow cooling rate of about 1 to 100 degrees every million years, so it cannot be copied even if there are enough elements and experimental space.