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Decorated Dapeng Garuda (Silver Chain)
Decorated Dapeng Garuda (Silver Chain)

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Product Introduction

Material: Sterling Silver 925 Dapeng Garuda

Size: Approximately 5X 4 cm (excluding chain length)


The golden-winged bird pendant on the necklace is also called "Qiongniao", and in Chinese it is called "golden-winged bird". Also called Garuda, Sanskrit garud!a, Pali garul!a. Also called Garuda bird, Garuda bird, Garuda bird, Garuda bird. Free translation means vomiting sorrowful sounds after eating. Or it can be called Suparni (Vatican suparn!i), which is the golden-winged bird and the wonderful-winged bird.

roc bird

It is the so-called Garuda in Buddhism. It is a bird with five magical powers (divine foot power, other mind power, fate power, heavenly ear power, and heavenly eye power). The Garuda was born with the power to fly. It stretched out its beak and claws that were as hard as iron, raised its horns like diamonds, had a shining orb on the top, its flaming eyes shone like the sun and moon, and its mouth was as solid as steel. Wings like iron hooks and swords dance in the air, hot sand rain falls from the gaps between the feathers of golden sharp blades, and it lives on the big iron tree. Feed on dragons. The dragon referred to here also has five magical powers: divine foot power, other mind power, fate power, heavenly ear power, and heavenly eye power. Beings like them are extremely ferocious and cruel, so when it dies, a blazing fire ignites on its body, not only burning all its own flesh and blood to ashes, but also burning all the surrounding forests and gardens. It is said that the heart of the roc is a pearl, which falls to the bottom of the sea after death. It eats one dragon king and five hundred little dragons every day. Therefore, it accumulates extremely heavy poisonous gas in its body. When it dies, the dragon poison attacks, it flips up and down seven times, flies to the top of Mount Kong, and burns itself to death.