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10ml top quality sandalwood oil
10ml top quality sandalwood oil

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Product Introduction

Material: Top quality sandalwood concentrated essential oil

Size: 10ml


Sandalwood oil is a volatile oil obtained by distillation of the heartwood of the Sandalwood plant of the Santalaceae family⁷. It is a light yellow to yellow slightly sticky volatile essential oil with a strong and long-lasting characteristic wood aroma. Sandalwood oil is produced in India, Malaysia, Australia, Indonesia and other places, and a small amount of it is also introduced in China. The origin of sandalwood has a long history. This tree is mentioned in ancient Sanskrit classics and Chinese classics. It originated in Southeast Asia such as Peninsular Malaysia, and then spread to India and Australia through maritime trade, and then came to China through Buddhism⁹.

As for the best ways to use sandalwood oil, you can:

1. Apply directly to your skin

2. Add a few drops to your lotion

3. Heat it in a small kettle to release the aroma

4. Use an essential oil infuser to evaporate it

5. Add it to your bath water

6. Add sandalwood essential oil to massage oil or topical lotion

7. Drop the essential oil into the hot water in the bathtub and use it as a bath

Please note that each usage method may have different effects, so it is recommended that you choose the usage method that best suits your needs and preferences. Before using any essential oil, a skin allergy test should be performed to ensure safe use. If you have any medical conditions, or are under medical care, it is recommended to consult a doctor or professional aromatherapist before using essential oils.