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Naga Blessed Treasure Vase from Dodrupchen Repoche Temple of India.
Naga Blessed Treasure Vase from Dodrupchen Repoche Temple of India.

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Product Introduction

The Dragon King treasure vase contains precious treasures and mantras, meticulously consecrated by the monks of the Sikyong Dorje Drak Monastery according to the prescribed rituals.

Dimensions: Top diameter 10.5 centimeters, height 12 centimeters.
Dragons often dwell in oceans, lakes, rivers, streams, and springs, with some residing among cliffs and in forests.
The Avatamsaka Sutra states: "All the vast waters of the ocean arise from the aspirations of the Dragon King, just as the wisdom of the Tathagata likewise arises from great aspirations." Out of compassion for sentient beings, the celestial Dragon Kings, with great compassion and mercy, can bring rain during times of drought, calm floods during water disasters, and alleviate epidemics and calamities. They gather the dragons to rejoice the heavens, dispel all demonic hindrances, and bring happiness to sentient beings.
In ancient times, sages and achievers created Dragon King treasure vases to heal and delight the dragons, enhancing their merits. They filled these vases with various treasures and consecrated them with mantras, then buried them in springs, caves, forests, or offered them to rivers, lakes, and oceans, aiming to bring happiness to the dragons. With their abilities, they naturally bring blessings to humanity as well.
Lakes, oceans, rivers, and forests on Earth suffer from overfishing and excessive development, resulting in countless sacrifices of living beings. Dragon caves are also destroyed, and the discharge of polluted water further harms the dragons, causing their displeasure. These conditions lead to various diseases, natural disasters, climate change, and other issues.
Moreover, the scriptures mention: "The Dragon King Buddha refers to the achievements of the Dragon King." Many Mahayana scriptures praise the protective power of the Eight Celestial Dragon Kings, who vowed to protect practitioners and the Dharma. With their clairvoyance abilities, they greatly assist practitioners.
To mitigate humanity's destruction of nature, Dragon King treasure vases should be offered to water sources, rivers, and oceans, or buried in forests and caves to help fulfill the wishes of the dragons. This can include healing diseases, recovering from injuries, or receiving protection from divine birds like the Garuda. When dragons enjoy happiness, they protect sentient beings, fulfilling their wishes, especially those suffering from skin diseases, internal ailments, or disrespectful actions towards dragons. Those who offer Dragon King treasure vases, without causing harm to dragons, can enjoy blessings, wealth, peace, and auspiciousness, with all matters proceeding smoothly.