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Zambala Blessed Treasure Vase from Dodrupchen Repoche Temple in India
Zambala Blessed Treasure Vase from Dodrupchen Repoche Temple in India

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Product Introduction

This treasure vase of the Wealth Deity, Zambala, contains precious sacred objects and mantras, and it has been consecrated by the monks of the Dodrupchen Repoche Temple in Sikkim according to the ritual procedures.

Dimensions: Top diameter 10.5 cm, Height 12 cm.
Zambala, who manages the treasures of heaven, is known as Yellow Wealth Deity, whose true name is Zangla Serpo. He is a great bodhisattva manifested by the Buddha of Boundless Light and serves as the chief guardian deity among the wealth deities in esoteric Buddhism. He is named Yellow Wealth Deity due to his yellow appearance. The Yellow Wealth Deity has one face and two arms, wearing a crown adorned with five Buddhas. He has a short stature with a large belly and powerful arms. In his right hand, he holds a delicious fruit, while his left hand grasps a treasure-emitting yellow mongoose. He is adorned with celestial garments decorated with blue lotus flowers and jewels, with a rosary hanging on his chest. His left leg is bent, and his right foot steps on a precious conch shell, seated atop a lotus moon disc. On the other side, he holds a Brag-kha Wish-Fulfilling Jewel in his right hand and a treasure-emitting mongoose in his left hand.
Origin of Zambala:
According to legend, the Yellow Wealth Deity was a bodhisattva in the past who had already attained the realization of the ten bhumis. When Shakyamuni Buddha expounded the Great Prajnaparamita Sutra on Mount Grdhrakuta in ancient India, many demons came to obstruct it, causing the mountain to collapse. The Yellow Wealth Deity courageously appeared to protect the many bhikshus who were listening to the Dharma, ensuring their safety. Later, Shakyamuni Buddha instructed the Yellow Wealth Deity to take refuge in the Dharma and help all suffering sentient beings, thus becoming a great guardian deity. Since then, the Yellow Wealth Deity has become a guardian deity of esoteric Buddhism, managing boundless treasures and leading all wealth deities.
Compassion of Zambala:
The practice of Zambala belongs to the Kriya Tantra, allowing practitioners to obtain wealth to propagate the Dharma and benefit sentient beings, free from the troubles of life, and focus on cultivation. He specially grants practitioners wealth, blesses them with prosperity, eliminates poverty, and relieves economic pressure. By practicing the rituals and reciting the mantras of the Yellow Wealth Deity, one can receive his blessings, increase merit, longevity, wisdom, material enjoyment, and spiritual accomplishments.
Core Beliefs about Zambala:
Practitioners should cultivate the supreme bodhichitta, establish good karma, practice generosity diligently, and avoid greed. If one becomes greedy after acquiring wealth, the guardian deity will punish them and may even affect their lifespan and blessings. If one's initial intention is not good, the practice will not receive the blessings from Zambala.
Merits and Benefits of Zambala:
- Possesses great blessing power, increasing wealth, merit, and authority.
- The treasure vase of the wealth deity can calm the obstacles of earth, water, fire, and wind wherever it is placed, ensuring favorable weather conditions, abundant harvests, and prosperity.
- Pacifies all sentient beings' obstacles, generating excellent wealth similar to that of the initial kalpa.
- Personally, it can bestow longevity, wealth, merit, power, and prestige according to worldly laws, fulfilling all wishes, mitigating diseases and obstacles. Additionally, household wealth and fortune will continue to grow. Ultimately, it leads to complete fulfillment of both worldly and transcendental wealth and wisdom, enabling rebirth in the Pure Land of Ultimate Bliss.
- Focusing on protecting wealth, it brings wealth, fame, fortune, and merit to individuals. Those who possess this treasure vase will have prosperous wealth, dispel karmic hindrances, attain supreme blessings, and receive the blessing of longevity.
Methods of Offering and Merits and Benefits of the Treasure Vase:
- It can be enshrined in the home shrine, altar, living room, etc., and offerings can be made to Buddhas, bodhisattvas, gurus, deities, dakinis, and Dharma protectors, while offerings should also be made to all ghosts, spirits, and sentient beings, in order to obtain wealth, longevity, authority, and dispel obstacles.
- Placing it in a clean place below the home shrine, or in the corners of the room, or above the lintel of the door, can redirect the unfavorable direction, ensuring peace, health, and auspiciousness for residents.
- If placed in temples, offerings can be made to the Four Heavenly Kings to support the flourishing of the Dharma, unity among monks, and increase in wisdom.
- In hospitals, it can calm disputes and reduce patients' mental disturbances, promoting peace and quick recovery.
- For beings with heavy karmic debts, repentance and worship before the wealth deity's treasure vase can alleviate the karmic consequences of past killings.
- If placed in countries without the Dharma, it can establish karmic connections with Buddhism, bring favorable weather throughout the year, and prevent earthquakes, wind disasters, wars, and epidemics.
- Placed in business premises, such as offices, it can attract wealth and smooth business operations.
- Respectful offerings can dispel downturns in fortune, protect against harm from evil individuals, resolve conflicts, disputes, lawsuits, and disasters.
By practicing these merits, one can be reborn into a virtuous family, possess a beautiful body, eloquent speech, unhindered debate skills, be pleasing to others, possess clear understanding, receive universal praise, delight in hearing the correct Dharma, enjoy wealth and longevity, fulfill all wishes, turn to the virtuous path, and swiftly achieve enlightenment.